The Mind Spa

The Mind Spa

The Mind Spa is a revolutionary  approach for the relief of stress and anxiety  based  in  scientific research of brainwave entrainment.   Light, sound and vibration are used  simutaneusly  to release energetic blocks stored in the body and to restore energetic flow.  Maladaptive belief  patterns,  memories and traumas when unresolved can  restrict the free flow of energy or Chi making one more  susceptibile to mental and physical suffering in addition to restriction of emotions, creativity and spontaneity.  A Mind Spa therapist will work with you to identify blocked energy in your body and will implement the correct frequency of sound, light and vibration to release them in a peaceful and efficient way. 

Please contact Jodie or Jason  at to learn more about the process. Sessions are 60 minutes and fits perfectly after a massage or psychotherapy session.


Your Mind Spa therapist will explore with you areas of blockage in addition to the associated maladaptive mental patterns keeping energy stuck. Positive intentions are set and clients are prepared for the experience using breathing and relaxation exercises. The more clam you are the more you will receive from the experience. The correct program according to energetic blockages is selected  and the sound, light and vibration  are all calibrated to your comfort level. 

After your experience your therapist will help you to integrate the experience and provide you with guidance and homework assignments. One session can be highly beneficial, however, more sessions may be needed to completely undo blockages. 

60 minutes session :  $100.00

If you would like more information on the Mind Spa please contact or or speak with your therapist. 

Please note the Mind Spa is not suitable for children, teens or people who have a history with seizures due to the intensity of the light. Often people feel very relaxed after a session and may need some time to integrate the experience. Your therapist will be with during this transformative experience.