Laura is a psychotherapy intern and will be welcoming to see clients in early January 2021. Laura has years of experience working with children’s mental health and has a professional background in Early Childhood Studies.

Laura has an educational background in Early Childhood Studies & Child Development. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Guelph-Humber and is currently completing a certificate in Infant and Children Mental Health. Additionally, she is currently also pursuing her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University where she has studied a variety of different approaches to therapy. As a practicum student, Laura will be seeing clients under the supervision of Jason Koenigbaur, Registered Psychotherapist.  

Laura is a compassionate and caring individual who truly believes in helping others find their strength to help them overcome any obstacles they may be facing. She believes a strong therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is the foundation needed to help build good rapport and create a comfortable environment. Laura is very passionate about helping others work through anxiety and stress, in order to achieve their therapy goals.  

Laura believes therapy and healing requires a collaborative process and can often be overwhelming for some people; however, she is dedicated to helping people follow through and achieve personal growth. She understands and encourages clients to explore their unconscious and conscious experiences in life. Laura’s approach to counselling encourages clients to set goals which she can help them achieve by working through their feelings and thoughts through a Cognitive Behavioural approach. Laura understands that the therapeutic process is a journey in itself and provides a supportive, calming and open environment for clients to share their experiences. Laura looks forward to walking with you on your journey!