In addition to  psychotherapy appoinments, sessions with our Registered Massage Therapist who is specifically trained to work with trauma and the body can be a perfect complement . Addressing the mind, emotions and body will speed  recovery and it is a perfect way to feel relaxed

The body is a wise part of us. It is our record keeper: it stores every memory, thought and feeling since being born, and even before we are born. Therefore, it is a part of us that has important information about why we are “not well”. 

CranioSacral Therapy is a hands-on treatment that accesses the deeper tissues and structures of the body, namely those surrounding the brain and spinal cord. You might call this "core healing work", as it addresses our core - the nervous system.

Every trauma we experience goes deep into the body, and stays there as an energetic blueprint, or memory. CST can access these deeper blueprints, through our fascial system. This system is our "living body armour" that surrounds everything in the body. It is the connective tissue that stores memory and experience. 

The body is the lead in CST therapy. As therapist, Jodie will place her hands onto the recipient's body and wait. Jodie never forces, as after many years as a deep tissue RMT, she discovered that forcing the body to relax and unwind does the exact opposite: creates tension, and drives trauma further into the body. The goal is to help the body feel safe.

The body directs the focus and provides the opportunity to resolve what is being held that is blocking up the entire system, in a safe and supportive environment.

Jodie has seen CST help with many conditions, especially the symptoms that result from: 

~ Anxiety, Depression & PTSD ~ Migraines and Headaches ~ Chronic Pain & Trauma ~ Stress-Related Disorders ~ Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries ~ Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia ~ TMJ Syndrome ~ Scoliosis ~ Central Nervous System Disorders ~ ADD/ADHD ~ Accidents ~

An integral component to CST is “SomatoEmotional Release” (SER), which is the discharge of physical and emotional memories from the body, which may happen during a session. In combination with Somatic Experiencing® (see below) this is done at a slow pace, to avoid overwhelm and encourage integration. 

CST sessions can be a stand-alone therapeutic treatment but can also powerfully enhance and augment personal therapy with a Registered Psychotherapist or Counsellor.

*CranioSacral Therapy is covered by insurance under the care an an RMT.