EFT  is a form of therapy that focuses on adult relationships and the attachment bond that is created in them. EFT is now considered one of the most validated forms of couples therapy: research studies have found that approximately 90% of couples show significant improvements from this therapy.

In EFT, the therapist and couple look at patterns formed in the relationship, including negative communication patterns, and take steps to create a more secure bond, develop more trust, and move the relationship into a healthy and positive direction.

At Newmarket Therapy Centre we offer EFT therapy to couples experiencing the ups and downs in relationships. Together with your therapist, you as a couple will come up with a treatment plan aligned to mutual goals that will improve your relationship.

Therapists Providing Couples Therapy: 

Jason Koenigbaur, MTS, C.Hyp, RP (Emotion Focusd Couples Therapy, Attachment Focused EMDR)

Rob Sacco PhD, RP (The Gottman Method) 

Marina Hazan BSW, RSW (Internal Family Systems)